Grand Hotel Bonaccorsi

Via Luigi Pirandello, 2, 95030 Pedara CT, Italia (4 Stars) - Italy
The availability of the best offers of the Sicilian hospitality, both as products of the territory that as opportunities for knowledge of Etna and its beautiful landscapes, nature, culture and tradition, together with the constant search for customer satisfaction, are at the basis of the broad range of services that support the proposal for reception of the Grand Hotel Bonaccorsi. The offer of leisure and relaxation of the Grand Hotel Bonaccorsi also benefits from the presence of two fully equipped swimming pools that become the point of reference for the physical welfare and for the comfort of guests. Two structures which become, at the same time, opportunities for a complete and healthy physical activity and, for children, a moment of pleasure and joy under the careful control of a staff professionally qualified. Parents will thus be able to relax in total safety. Both the semi-Olympic pool, long 25 meters wide and 10, that the pool for children, long 6 meters wide and 5, are rich in amenities and offer our guests the possibility to choose how to spend pleasant hours in total wellness, between sport or simply relax, received in one of the numerous deckchairs, in an environment rich in peace, harmony and wide green spaces. During the day we offer the possibility to taste delicious aperitifs at the edges of the swimming pool. In the area of the swimming pool there are also several spaces for entertainment and leisure, as: MinigolfCampo from BocceCampo from PallavoloTeatro TendaChi want an alternative dinner or just a snack or an appetizer will find: Pizzeria-Griglieria-Ba
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