Hotel Resort Villa Favorita

Via Favorita, 27, 91025 Marsala TP, Italia (3 Stars) - Italy
The Resort Hotel Villa Favorita, structure deeply linked to the history and culture of Marsala, awaits you for a pleasant stay within a historical building.Built in 1860 by Salvatore Amodeo, wine entrepreneur and supporter of Garibaldi during his battle to join Italy, the Villa Favorita boasts today a surface of 30,000 sqm, which hosts a swimming pool, soccer fields and tennis courts.Villa Favorita Hotel Resort offers bungalow in resort and comfortable rooms in the main building. The apartments are all air conditioned and equipped with private bathroom.The Hotel Villa Favorita offers delicious Sicilian dishes and Mediterranean, in 4 different locations: the ancient stables, the central hall, outdoor garden or the refined Liberty room.
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