Palazzo Failla

Via Blandini, 4-6, 97015 Modica RG, Italia (4 Stars) - Italy
Every detail of the quot;Faillaquot Palace; is cared for in minute detail to offer guests an unforgettable stay in an environment where ancient traditions blend harmoniously with the most sophisticated comforts. Inside the hotel has perfectly preserved the atmosphere of an authentic noble palace of Sicilian: from the use of the furniture as majolicas and wrought iron and decorated ceramics, the frescoed vaults, of the antique furniture and warm hospitality and friendly offer in elegant and refined surroundings. All quot;Faillaquot Palace; love to take care of their guests, offering them warm hospitality and attentive to all types of needs, already from the first breakfast: a wide choice of sweet and savory specialities prepared at home with healthy and genuine ingredients.
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