Plaza Opera

Via Nicol√≤ Gallo, 1, 90139 Palermo PA, Italia (4 Stars) - Italy
Cosmopolitan, with a taste for tradition. Reserved but immersed in the vibrant city life. Sumptuous and simple. Enamoured of design and rich in ancient times. Nestled between viale della Libert√£ and the Politeama square, in the heart of Palermo for business, but also from that of luxury shops and entertainment. Just a few steps from the splendour of the historic center, its splendour and contradictions. The Hotel Plaza Opera is all this and much more: a home away from home when you work, an exclusive location for your event, a window from which you can admire Palermo if you are to discover Sicily. This four star hotel that is part of the Group of the Summit Hotel Resort and the group The HotelSphere, offers a special atmosphere, where a genuine spirit sicilian meets the latest industry trends hotels, and provides the best hospitality and most luxurious in the heart of Palermo. - For more details:
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